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04222012 Luckless

It’s probably not my worst day ever but it’s probably pretty up there.

So, one, I was pretty much rudely awaken by my sister and some potential buyer for our home. Then, my aunts came and we went out because I refuse to be stuck inside all weekend despite the rain. We ended up going to the Gallery; K-mart, Wet Seal, etc. Things went deceivingly great; I managed to get a really cute shirt/blouse/top/whatever for $2 and two pairs of pants for $15 per. Good deals! We had originally wanted to go back to K-mart to snag a few Snapples since they were only $.50 each but it was past closing time by the time the cashier rang me up.

It was almost time for dinner so we went home and it wasn’t till an hour later did I realize my cards. I was like, “ef, ef,ef! Where is it? It has to be here; it was in my jacket the whole time!” So now, my three house keys (our place has card keys, not traditional metal keys), my student ID, my insurance card, and the two hair bands holding them all together are gone…GONE! I frantically called Wet Seal and the Gallery and asked if it’s been found or turned in. Nothing….

I’m going to need to shell out $15 dollar to replace my house keys + 3 days of waiting, $20 to replace my school ID + unknown waiting time, and make a call and wait probably 2 weeks for the insurance card. On top of spending money I had saved up for the longest time, I have to worry about someone stealing my information (my aunt just kept repeating this issue that now it seriously scares me) since they have my full name and my birth date. 

Then I get yelled at by my dad for some notice about my cancelled benefits because he had promised twice to file some papers and told me it was nothing to worry about but now that this notice arrive, he yells at me…how the -bleep- is this my fault???! 

Oh, maybe it was, since I chose to believe that he would get it done.

And then, while I was trying to lighten up, my precious laptop was infected by the blue screen of death! I’ve killed a few laptops before and I’m scared to death that this one will die too…I already don’t even use it for much, it has a fan, it has many protections (Norton, Malware Antispyware, & CCleaner). I don’t want it to die, DAMMIT, DON’T DIE!


"FML" is all too appropriate…AND it continues! I will wake up early and march down to the Gallery and PRAY TO GOD that my key packet will be found and returned to me, then I will have to go to my medical clinic to talk to a social worker about this damned packet my dad was supposed to have filed a month ago, and when I return home, run every scanner on my laptop to ensure that I am virus free and my laptop will make it. I refuse to be a laptop killer. 

Fingers crossed and God willing everything turn out in my favor ⊙﹏⊙

I have an Anatomy and Physiology tomorrow…fck!

I have an Anatomy and Physiology tomorrow…fck!