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Adventure Snapshots


Not much adventuring this week…

It’s registration week and searching for classes that fit was nothing short of hell especially since all the good classes were either taken by upperclassmen or reserved for special courses. (#`Д´)

Meanwhile, my mum’s persistence in my major/career doesn’t exactly scream “motivation”….

But I have decided to make some use of my time, and search up which major I want to be in since pharm is not a major…why can’t pharm be a major?

Consider that I SUCK at biology, but love Chem and Math (asian me /shot) I think Chem will probably be my major…I don’t really have to declare till 60 credits but according to the pre-pharm track, I’m hopelessly behind ( ̄д ̄;)

I made me a wall so instead of looking and switching between 20 windows on the computer, I can look at everything at once. Here is my wall of course for my major, classes I need to take for pharm at my school, and the yellow stickies are the courses I need to take to get into other pharm schools in my area.

As for the pink stickies, my cousin thought it would be funny to add some other courses which include the above and spelling and dog washing and others, lol (≧▽≦)

It finally came! The book I ordered from Amazon for my Orgo 2 class is here! Not a bad timing either seeing how when I sat in my friend’s lecture, I thought I was studying alien hieroglyphics ∑(O_O;) 

The other thing that came in the mail was my instax mini! I finally have my hands on a instant camera; I’ve been pining for one for so long! Sadly, I can’t go trigger happy since the film is fairly expensive. lol, film for this thing will prolly now have a permanent place on my Christmas and birthday wish list XD.