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Adventure Snapshots


Actually, it’s more like stuff from last week  (シ_ _)シ

My recovery bed and room for about three months :)

Unfortunately, it’s gone and I have to share a room with my sister again since my parents sold that unit….it used to belong to my grandmother. She’s been gone for 6 years but as we were cleaning/clearing out the house, we found so many precious memories  (TTuTT )

My first day of school after taking a semester off (about 5 months of no school).

fish-shaped “pancake” with red bean paste and ice cream sandwich. yum! P:

my “breakfast” for almost all school days, lol

My fried green tomato and crab and pickled peppers and avacado and bacon and arugala salad de jour at Beau Mondes =3=

The 24th was World Lupus Day hence purple water fountain.

Last day of school of my first week ended the way it began…this is my first reading assignment, a graphic novel :) false sense of security

*instinguable sound* I have class tomorrow and I should have already finished the first half of Gilgamesh…damn, procrastination.

And on another note, my sister has just left the house to go party/hang out/whatever and I’m tried of worrying/lecturing her. I just won’t give a fck anymore….I hope she gets caught. She has the rest of her life to do whatever she pleases, why couldn’t you just BE the good girl Asian daughter mum and dad thinks you are *sigh*